The Rules

Even in the most creative spaces, Improvisation needs just a bit of structure. These are the Rules that help me to run a happy, mostly healthy, and fun kitchen.

#1: Skip the added Stress

Don’t choose overly complicated recipes and don’t stress if your spice rack doesn’t have this or that. Instead, slow down, enjoy the process, and enjoy the food. Even for big events, it’s ok to chill out and tone down what’s happening in the Kitchen.

#2: Follow the Spirit of the Food

Preparation doesn’t have to be a hassle. Choose your meals realistically (realistic both about what you want to eat *and* how much work you really want to do) and there’s no need to get upset over spilled milk. Literally. Take this recipe for example. Make something a few times and you realize it doesn’t matter too much how you slice your carrots. Be inspired by what you’re about to feed yourself.

#3: Indulge in a little Kitchen Travel

There are these aisles in the grocery sore you probably often skip over. There are probably whole grocery stores you never go to. The little ones, the ones with a certain specialty for the food of a foreign place. Feeling bored with your ‘usual’? Try using your kitchen as a vehicle for travel.

#4: You can Probably Make it Yourself

I will be better tasting, better for you and it probably won’t be that hard. Simple as that. Or this.

#5: You can’t Improvise if you’re not Organized

It’s hard to be an efficient cook if you don’t know, roughly, what’s in your fridge and pantry before you get started. A messy kitchen is a place of stress, wasted money, and un-fun cooking. Take a moment to clean up and organize and you’ll be set up for quick trips to the grocery store and improvising delicious meals.


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